sabato 15 febbraio 2014

"If I had a hammer..."

4 very good teachers are in a rough-and-ready city centre school. They are all going to use the Computer Lab for their Upper-Intermediate/Advanced groups. The advantages are manifold. They know it. They're going to share it in rotation.

This is a pronunciation blog, so...
What could they do with access to every extant website?

My suggestions would be these:
  1. ask students for their favourite websites for learning English (and make a list)
  2. ask students for YouTube examples of different accents and dialects from their own languages 
  3. work through a list of good pronunciation resources for learners
  4. use YouTube for listenings for pronunciation noticing instead of content
  5. 'timecapsule' their students's English pronunciation by making videos of them now
Regarding Number Three... what are your top favourites?

If I had a group of English language learners who wanted to learn more about pronunciation, I'd show them these to get the whole IPA chart thing out of the way and show them how they could work a bit more autonomously.

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