mercoledì 21 maggio 2008

Which accent and why bother?

Since the staff development session I've found another interesting pronunciation blog (there really aren't that many). It was a link that John Wells left on his blog (Monday 19 May 2008). It is a response of sorts to a very common question from some uncommon teachers working outside of the Anglosphere. The question of which English accent will be most useful was posed to John Wells and the discussions that follow are great and do a lot to inform future staff discussions as to which accent to focus on teaching and why bother with any specific accent. Mr. Wells gives the answer that I believe holds the most water in any student's life experience in English: all accents. That is of course putting too fine a point on it. Check out his blog for the first time on this entry 19-05-08; you won't be disappointed. He recommended this as well. I do whatever he says. He Is the great He Is. Enjoy.

A link for PhonetiBlog is listed to the right. Watch out for the wacky spelling; the guy says he writes as HE pleases, but I've come across all HIS reduced spellings before. I think he should be proud of conformism on a level that minute. Not everyone's got it. Power to the pedant.

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